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Plant directory

Detailed below is a directory of our complete nursery range, to assist you we have listed all plants in alphabetical order, with a photo and brief description.

If you have any queries regarding our plant range, please don’t hesitate to email us on naturescreation@xtra.co.nz [1].

Adisea Crispa A small evergreen shrub with white flowers that hang down under the foliage which in time change into brilliant red berries, a great contrast with the dark green leaves. Prefers shade and is not frost tolerant. Howea Fosresterania Is an upright palm with beautiful, arching, dark green leaves.
Butia Capitata Beautiful blue-green leaves. An essential palm for the exotic garden. Tolerant of the weather in high rainfall regions. Also wonderful as a conservatory palm, or even indoors if the light is bright enough. Ultimately it can grow to about 10 or 20 feet, though this will take some years. Ilex Meservae Blue Angel Smart slow growing, evergreen shrub with blue/black foliage at its deepest mid winter, topped with simple white flowers and deep red berries. An attractive foliage shrub for any garden situation. Hardy. 2 x 2m.
Buxus Green Gem A smart selection with dark evergreen foliage, forming a tight rounded shrub. Excellent for topiary work in the formal garden. (microphylla var. Koreana x sempervirens). Hardy. 1 x 1m. Ilex Sky Pencil is a densely branched evergreen shrub that has a tall columnar growth habit. ‘Sky Pencil’ is a female selection producing small white flowers in the spring and inconpicous berries in the fall. Does best on a well-drained sandy soil that is slightly acidic. This is a great plant for formal gardens or for gardens with very little space.
Buxus Koreana An interesting selection from Korea, with an attractive locket shaped vibrant evergreen foliage. Hardy. 0.6 x 0.6m. Laurel Bay This evergreen tree is highly valued for its aromatic leaves which are used as a culinary herb (Bay Leaf) for seasoning in many recipes. The foliage is glossy, dark to olive green and the flower is small and yellow.
Buxus Microphylla A large leafed form of the European Box. Dark green, tightly packed leaves that are ideal for hedging, topiary work & formal edging. Though Box are ideal plants for clipping they can also just be left to themselves to add texture & substance to your shrubbery. Easy care & evergreen. Liglularia Reinformus Huge glossy green leaves and yellow daisy-like flowers in late summer. Tolerates poor soils, but thrives in moisture retentive well drained sites. Hardy. 1 x 1m.
Buxus Sempevirens Bushy evergreen shrub with lush green foliage. Making this a must for hedging in the formal garden. Hardy. 1 x 1m Liriope Muscari Relatively slow growing evergreen grass-like perennial with deep green foliage topped in autumn with deep purple-violet flowers. Ideal easy care ground cover. Best in partial shade. Hardy. 0.3 x 0.3m.
Camellia Paradise Blush A landscaper’s dream – thick and quick, upright neat growth habit. Flowers are small to medium size (5cm). Its deep pink buds open to semi-double, clean white flowers. Masses of flower against thick deep green foliage. Excellent for hedging to any height, as screens or accent planting. its small leave and flower makes ‘Blush’ superb for clipping in patio tubs. Magnolia Grandiflora An evergreen tree which may grow 27.5 m tall. The leaves are simple and broadly ovate with smooth margins. They are dark green, stiff and leathery, and often scurfy underneath with yellow-brown pubescence. The large, showy, citronella-scented flowers are white and fragrant, with a waxy texture, emerging from the tips of mature trees in late spring. Flowering is followed by the rose-coloured fruit.
Camellia Paradise Helen An elegant, free-flowering sasanqua with a compact upright growth habit. It produces masses of brilliant pink buds opening to large dazzling pristine double white flowers. ‘Helen’ flowers early extending over a long period. Quick growing and very floriferous. Ideal for hedges to 2m and stunning as a patio tub, topiary or garden specimen. Magnolia Little Gem Extremely popular evergreen Magnolia selection. ‘Little Gem’ is prized for its compact upright growth habit and glossy dark green foliage with rusty bronze undersides. A heavy bloomer, ideal for smaller gardens or for container work when young. Hardy. 5 x 5m.
Camellia Paradise Pearl Flowers in absolute profusion over a long period. Flowers are large, mostly semi double with occasional formal double blooms. Buds are pink opening to pure white. Growth habit is upright, wide and compact with dark glossy green leaves. A terrific hedge plant for any height from 1m to 2m, or garden specimen. Michelia Bubbles Medium sized evergreen shrub – small tree with large pointed light green leaves, covered from early spring with a profusion of scented tulip shaped white – mauve flowers. A fragrant specimen tree for a small garden.
Camellia Paradise Vanessa Upright, vigorous and full growth. Large, white and soft pink semi-double to peony form flowers. Michelia Figo Rounded evergreen shrub – small tree, with small mid green foliage covered from spring – summer with banana scented ivory white flowers, with red – maroon petal margins. Hardy. 5 x 2m.
Camellia Paradise Joan Extra showy, large red, loose informal double flowers interspersed with attractive golden stamens. Plants are open in habit initially, but mature to a denser growth habit with age. ‘Joan’ is our best red, very to early flower extending well into the winter months. Michelia Gracipies Glossy leathery rounded foliage which always looks good. Fuzzy brown flower buds which open to the most beautifully scented cream flowers in early spring. Will grow well in a container. Evergreen.
Camellia Paradise Little Liane Little Liane’ is known for its small leaves and compact form. It produces masses of flowers which are proportionately small, white with a faint pink margin borne in a loose informal peony form. One of the first of the miniature sasanquas, this delightful variety could easily replace box hedging as a border, providing a thick, deep glossy green hedge to 1m. Michelia Yunnanensis Compact evergreen shrub with extremely fragrant pure white flowers. Hardy. 2 x 2m.
Camellia Quintessence Small white fragrant flowers tinged with pink. Compact spreading habit, good for pot culture. Hardy. 1.2 x 1m Murraya Paniculata Compact rounded bust 1.5m to 3m tall, with dark green leaves and small, creamy white scented flowers. Frost tender.
Camellia Setseggekka Traditionally one of the most popular sasanqua’s for producing a showy formal hedge. A vigorous upright growing variety with attractive large single white wavy edged blooms. Hardy. 3 x 1.5m. Ophiopogon Japonica Trouble free grass-like groundcover with attractive particularly narrow mid green foliage. White summer flowers followed by attractive blue-black berries.
Camellia Silver Anniversary White large semi double, intermixed with golden stamens. Vigorous upright growth. Hardy. 3 x 2m. Ophiopogon Japonica Nana A true dwarf, O. ‘Nana’ has tiny deep green foliage which forms a tight clump. Ideal for use as an under planting for a pot specimens or as a border edging. Hardy. 0.1 x 0.1.
Camellia Takanini Deep purplish red. Small to medium semi double anemone centered. Vigorous upright growth. Hardy. 3 x 2m. Ophiopogon Planiscarpus Smart, broad, strap like deep green foliage with white to lavender summer flowers and attractive blue-black autumn berries. Hardy 0.2 x 0.3m.
Camellia Yuletide A compact upright growing variety with small single deep red blooms with bright golden yellow stamens. Hardy 2.5 x 1m. Ophiopogon Black Dragon Neat clump forming trouble free grass-like ground cover with broad strap-like, curving, almost black leaves. Crisp white/lavender bell like flowers are borne is cluster from mid summer followed by almost black berries in Autumn. Hardy. 0.2 x 0.3m.
Corynocarpus Laevigata This is a slow growing narrow upright evergreen tree reaching 25 to 40 feet tall densely covered with oblong dark glossy green foliage with creamy variegation. In the spring, small white flowers are followed by orange (poisonous) berries. Hardy. This makes a good container plant, for screening in shaded locations or under eaves. It looks best when trimmed and not sheared. Osmanthus Fragrant Very fragrant, jasmine scented, terminal white flower clusters along the branches near the ends in spring to autumn. Lovely broad, deep green foliage to 3m x 3m.
Clivia Miniata Clivia miniata is a clump forming perennial with dark green, strap shaped leaves which arise from a fleshy underground stem. The flowering heads of brilliant orange (rarely yellow), trumpet shaped flowers appear mainly in spring (August to November) but also sporadically at other times of the year. The deep green shiny leaves are a perfect foil for the masses of orange flowers. Osmanthus Purpureous Dense, rounded shrub with dark purple new growth and purple tints throughout the summer.  Once it is well established, it produces tiny but powerfully fragrant flowers. Considered the hardiest of the holly-leaf varieties.
Clivia Grandiflora Phoenix Roebelinii Phoenix Roebelinii (Pygmy Date Palm) a very hardy small miniature feather palm with a slender trunk. Can be grown in full shade to full sun and make wonderful planter palms for outdoors, indoors or in pots on decks.
Champerops Humulis Is a slow growing, clump forming dioecious palm species . The trunks will reach about 1.5 metres tall and in some arborescent forms will reach 6 metres. The palmate leaves will expand up to 1 metre across. The petioles are armed with vicious spines that point towards the leaf blade. Clumps can be several meters wide. They are an attractive palm for containers, due to their slow growth habits Podocarpus Gracilis Graceful arching habit to the branches with fine foliage. Great for screens, hedges and a unique opportunity for bonsai. Hardy. Ultimately 18 x 18m.
Ficus Hillii Fine-leafed weeping banyan. Hardy landscape tree in frost-free areas. Graceful weeping form. Adapts well to pleaching and bonsai. Podocarpus Totara An upright tree with olive green needle-like leaves and attractive bark. Good as a specimen in the landscape or can be trimmed to form a dense hedge. Hardy. Ultimately 5 – 10m.
Gardenia Radicans Low, creeping dark green plant with fragrant, white flowers. Nice low border plant that is often used near entryways and windows. Plant in partial sun in warmer climates. In cooler climates plant in full sun. During growing season it is important to keep moist. Use fertilizer for acid loving plant in early spring. Podocarpus Henkilli Handsome, erect, slow-growing, evergreen tree or large shrub with drooping foliage. Narrow, dark green leaves. Excellent specimen in the landscape
Gardenia Veitchii An upright growing variety. Pure white, very fragrant fully double flowers to 5cm in diameter, produced in abundance through spring and early summer. Frost tender. 1.5 x 1m. Podocarpus Macrophyllus Often used for bonsai or an unusual hedge. The long pointed glossy dark green leaves are arranged in dense spirals around the twigs. Hardy.
Hydrangea Blue Diamond Rounded tight heads of blue on a neat compact plant. A genuine dwarf suitable for pot culture. Hardy. 0.8 x 0.8m. Pohutakawa Maori Princess Better known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree which flowers in early summer with spectacular Red flowers. ”Maori Princess” is a cultivar. With its clean straight, often-single trunk, compact upright crown and lack of aerial roots, Maori Princess is the best Pohutakawa selection to date for street and avenue planting. It responds well to trimming and will make an excellent hedge or screen if the foliage is allowed to persist to ground level.
Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet This dwarf cultivar retains the romance of old – with improvements in flowering, compactness, freedom of flower and high health. It’s a creamy white with robust and dense flowers. Raphiolpsis Umbellata Dense mound-like shrub from Japan and Korea. Broad, thick, grey-green leaves and bunches of perfumed white flowers in spring. Will bloom sporadically into winter win warmer areas. Hardy. 1.5 x 1.5m.
Hydrangea Leuchtfeuer ‘Leuchtfeuer’ is a small deciduous shrub with glossy, mid-green, ovate leaves. In summer it bears dome shaped flowerheads of rich dark rose and deep purple Rhopalostylis Kermadec Nikau A true New Zealand landscape icon. This native palm has longer architectural fronds than the NZ Nikau. Best growth in shady site in moist soil. An excellent choice for tropical plantings and looks particularly good when planted in groups. Frost tender. 6 x 3m.
Hydrangea Nightengale Simply as deep blue as you can imagine. These superb lacecap flowers are shown off to their best advantage against dark green leaves. The sterile sepals are simple and true, smooth edged with just a hint of white when they open. Hardy. 1.5 x 1m. Schefflera Arboricola An attractive tropical tree with large glossy green palmate leaves and large burnt red flower spike in late simmer. Ideal for tropical garden. Frost tender. 3 x 2m.
Hydrangea Quercifoluia The Oakleaf hydrangea is a dramatic, white-blooming shrub with four seasons of interest. A tremendous advantage of the Oakleaf is that it can thrive in much dryer locations than its cousin and also with very little attention. The Oakleaf gets its name from the shape of its beautiful large leaves. These leaves often turn colors of brilliant red, orange, yellow and burgundy in the autumn if planted in a sunny location with a little afternoon shade. The Oakleaf hydrangea can tolerate and even thrive in much sunnier areas than the mophead and lacecaps (macrophyllas). Trachelospernum Jasminoides Woody stemmed, evergreen twining climber, with dark green foliage colouring to a fiery bronze-red in winter. From mid summer masses of pure white fragrant flowers are produced. Hardy. Ultimately 9 x 9m.
Hydrangea Trophy Star of Spring 2001. Hydrangwa ‘Trophy’ has fantastic fully double flowers. A real show stopper. Hardy. 1.2 x 1.2m.

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